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Plastic Laser Cutting

Laser Tech specializes in laser cutting plastics & acrylics from 010” to 1.5” thick with flame polished edges. Laser cut plastics often have edges that do not require further processing, thus saving money and time. Laser cutting is great for doing all types of signage and intricate rubber gaskets to close tolerance. Laser tolerance of +/- .004” or better are routinely achieved.

Materials List
• Acrylic to 1” thick
• Tapes 
• Adhesives 
• Paper, cardboard 
• Rubber, gaskets 
• Styrenes, ABS, Polycarbonates 
• Many others

Benefits of Laser Cutting Plastics

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  • Fire polished edge, no need for secondary processes.. 
  • Intricate details, not achieved by other processes.
  • Efficient part nesting to optimize material utilization​