• 4 Laser systems from 25 watts to 2200 watts 
  • Table sizes up to 4’ x 8’
  • Tolerances to +/- .001” 
  • Prototype and test cuts 
  • Quality service 
  • Wide range of materials 
  • Cost advantages 
  • Small to large lot sizes
  • Quick Turnaround

Machine Capabilities

Cutting Capabilities:


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About Laser Tech

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  • Mild Steel to .375” thick 
  • Wood to 2” thick 
  • Plastics to 1” thick 

Our Story

Laser Tech has over 15 years experience in state of the art laser cutting. Laser cutting is fast, flexible and cost effective. In most cases, laser cutting offers significant benefits over short run stamping, wire EDM, plasma cutting, nibbling, water jet cutting, and NC milling. Lasers are capable of cutting steel, stainless steel, super alloys, copper, aluminum, and brass. They also cut non- metallic materials such as ceramic, quartz, plastic, wood and certain composite structures. The laser is so fast and so repeatable that it is particularly ideal for high production volumes associated with fully automated or semi-automated tooling applications. Laser Tech has 4 advanced laser cutting systems to offer our services and technical expertise to help you be more competitive in today’s ever changing world.

For Fast Service

For fast service and the elimination of errors you can post your file to lasertech@mindspring.com. The files should be in .DXF or .DWG format, but we also can accept a wide range of formats.