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  • Small ( HAZ ) heat affected zone. 
  • Intricate details, not achieved by other processes.
  • Efficient part nesting to optimize material utilization

Benefits of Laser Cutting Metals:


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Metal Laser Cutting

Laser Tech excels in cutting metals all kinds in 2D flat part components. We have table sizes of 4’x8’ with 2200 watts of processing power. We cut mild steel to .375” thickness, aluminum to .125” & stainless steel to .25” thick. We can also cut brass & many other alloys. Our tolerance and repeatability in metals is .004”. The finely focused beam of the laser results in a minimal heat affected zone (HAZ).​

Materials List
• Mild Steel to .375” thick 
• Aluminum to .125” thick 
• Stainless to .25” thick 
• Brass 
• Alloys
• Many others